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Request for Applications: Summer Research in Middle East North Africa Region

Middle East Studies and the Office of Global Affairs invite current UConn undergraduate and graduate students to apply for 2023 summer research money for travel to the Middle East and North Africa region. Undergraduate applicants must plan to be part of an accredited academic program (see Experiential Global Learning). Graduate students may conduct research as part of an MA thesis or PhD dissertation, enroll in a language program, or develop a necessary research skill. Applications that are consistent with a goal (or goals) of UConn’s Abrahamic Programs will receive preference. See for more details.

Students may be awarded up to $3000. The application deadline is Friday, February 24, 2023, at 11:59 pm. Awardees will be notified by March 24, 2023. The money must be used and reimbursement requests submitted by August 31, 2023. Relevant US State Department travel restrictions and covid restrictions apply.

Applicants should email a resume (or CV), budget, and unofficial transcript to Prof. Jeremy Pressman, the Director of Middle East Studies. Applicants must also fill out the application at:

The Limits of Force in Israel‐​Palestine

The Israeli‐​Palestinian conflict has erupted again, but the politics in both Israel and the United States on this longstanding issue appear to be undergoing change. Jeremy Pressman, a political scientist at the University of Connecticut and an expert on the conflict, explains the historical context of the recent outbreak in violence, argues the cycle of military force undermines the objectives of both sides, and discusses the current tensions in the U.S.-Israeli relationship in this episode of the CATO Institute's Power Problems Podcast.

Spring 2021 Al Noor Call for Submissions

Al Noor, Boston College's Middle Eastern Studies Journal, is currently accepting submissions for our Spring 2021 issue through Monday, March 22, 2021. We are interested in considering your students' research papers, senior theses, perspectives pieces, editorials, and photo essays, if you could forward this email to your circles.

Al Noor is the only undergraduate-run publication represented each year at the MESA (Middle Eastern Studies Association) conference and is archived in the Library of Congress. Our mission is to shine a non-partisan and unbiased light on the myriad cultures, histories, and perspectives that comprise the Middle East. Previous issues have been distributed across the US and Europe, as well as in Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, Morocco, Kuwait, Lebanon, Yemen, Turkey, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Israel, and Palestine. Possible topics for submission are any subject pertaining to the Middle East, including but not limited to history, religion, culture, art, and politics.

Submissions should be sent to Each paper should be submitted in Microsoft Word format. Academic papers should be approximately 8,000 words in length. Papers should be formatted with endnotes and a complete bibliography.

Students can also submit a photo essay of at least 10 images from their travel and/or research in the Middle East.

Past issues can be viewed at

Thank you very much,

Al Noor Staff