Gulf Research Meeting 2021 – Call for Papers

The Gulf Research Center (GRC) is happy to announce they are currently accepting abstract applications for this year’s Gulf Research Meeting (GRM), which will take place virtually from July 23-24, 2021. This year’s GRM workshops cover a wide range of topics in the fields of politics, energy, security, and the wider social sciences as they relate to the wider Gulf region (GCC countries in addition to Iraq and Yemen).

GRM 2021 Workshops:
- Art, Museums and Cultural Initiatives in the Arabian Gulf: An examination of future directions in a shifting political world
- Energy Transition and Climate Change, Challenges and Opportunities for the Gulf Region
- Europe and the Multipolarization of the Gulf
- Foreign Aid and the Gulf States
- Maritime Security and the Gulf States: Changing Strategies, New Political Rationales
- Nationalization of GCC Labour Markets: The Changing Role of Higher Education in the Era of the 4th Industrial Revolution
- Saudi Youth ‘Policy Relevance’: Dilemmas, Challenges, Opportunities
- The COVID-19 Health and Socio-economic Crises: Consequences on Population and Migration in the Gulf
- The Gulf, Russia and the Countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
- The United States and the Gulf: Hard Power, Soft Power, Shifting Power, New Power?
- Psychosocial Impacts and Social Policy Responses to the COVID 19 Pandemic in the Gulf RegionApplications should be submitted on the GRM website at

The deadline for abstract application is February 25, 2021. Further details on the GRM and full descriptions on workshops can be found on the Gulf Research Meeting website.