Summer 2014 Israel and Palestine Internship Program

Students are invited to participate in George Mason University’s Summer 2014 Israel and Palestine Internship Program. Over 9 weeks, students participate in an intensive seminar on Israeli-Palestinian relations and spend two months working as full-time interns for either a Palestinian organization in the West Bank or an Israeli NGO in Israel. The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students and offers 9 undergraduate or 6 graduate credits in multiple disciplines.

Summer 2014 will be the 9th year since this unique program was founded. Dr. Yehuda Lukacs, Associate Provost for International Programs at George Mason University in the program’s director.

The internships are related to Conflict Resolution, Politics, Communication, Environmental Studies, Peace Studies, International Relations, Human Rights, Sociology/Anthropology, Economics, or Business and Finance in Israel and Palestine.

Students can view more about the program by visiting the link below:

Application deadline:

March 7, 2014